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Broadway Green Alliance Lighting Workshop

Posted by Richard Cadena on March 3, 2012 at 4:40 PM Comments comments (6)

When I was first invited to speak at the Broadway Green Alliance Lighting Workshop at New York University, I thought I heard that there would be another guest speaker, a Beatle by the first name of James. I was hoping that the rest of his name would be Paul McCartney, as in James Paul, but it turns out, it was James Bedell, the New York City-based lighting designer. But that was actually much better since it was, after all, a Lighting Workshop, not a music workshop.

James spoke about “frugality of design,” pointing out that stage lighting levels has steadily increased over the years for no good reason. The human eye is an incredible instrument that adjusts according to the contrast it sees, and since lighting designers control the environment, we don’t need to use an excessive amount of light to illuminate the stage.

I once had a conversation with Jules Fisher in his office about the same thing. He showed me his original lighting plot for Chicago on Broadway from 1975. He pointed out that today’s shows are much brighter than they were back then. We pondered the reasons for this lumen inflation, and we both agreed it was unnecessary. Lighting design is about creating aesthetically pleasing pictures, and as James pointed out, some of the most striking scenes are the most simple ones, sometimes requiring only a single light source. Check out James’ blog at

For my part, I presented a template for evaluating the environmental impact of lighting products. I also collated data from Mike Wood’s ( product reviews in Lighting & Sound America showing the lumens per watt for various luminaires.

You can view our presentation slides at


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For Immediate Release                 Contact:Meredith Moseley-Bennett

                                                      212-244-1505, [email protected]





NEW YORK - The Entertainment Technician Certification Program (ETCP) has awarded 19 International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE) Local One members withits Entertainment Electrician Certification. Among those newly certified, is the first female ETCP Certified Technician in the New York Local.


"We are extremely proud to add some of Broadway’s finest stage electricians to the list of ETCP Certified Technicians," said Chairman of the Local's Board of Trustees, Paul F. Dean, Jr. who helped organize a four-day training course prior to the exam administration taught by ETCP recognized instructors from APT. "Our members who are ETCP Certified also include technicians from Lincoln Center, The Metropolitan Opera House and various television studios who work throughout Local One’s jurisdiction which includes Manhattan, the Bronx, Staten Island,and Westchester and Putnam Counties.”


Each of these Entertainment Electricians are now listed on the ETCP website at ETCPCertified Technicians can be identified on the jobsite by requesting to see their ETCP ID card that includes their picture, date of certification and most importantly, area(s) of specialty.

Paper and pencil administrations of any of the ETCP exams may be arranged locally for groups of 10 or more. Computer-based exams are available at 190 testing centers across the Unites States and Canada.Candidate information, including eligibility requirements and application forms, are available on the ETCP website.

You can contact APT for information on scheduling a training course for your group, or to find out about upcoming classes in your area.

Candidate information, including eligibility requirements andapplications, is available on the ETCP website; if you would like theinformation mailed to you, please contact Meredith Moseley-Bennett, ETCP Certification Manager, at 212-244-1505 or [email protected]


The ETCP Council members are key leaders drawn from entertainment business, labor, facilities, associations, and academia representing the diversity of the entertainment industry. Membership includes ACTSAFE, AMPTP, Broadway Across America, TheBroadway League, Cirque du Soleil, CITT, Disney Theatrical Productions, IAVM,IATSE, InfoComm, The League, Live Nation,PLASA, PRG, NBC Universal, TEA, and USITT. ETCP is a PLASA initiative created to promote industry safety. 

LOCAL ONE WWW.IATSELOCALONE.ORG is the premiere stagecraft union in the world, representing 3,100 stage and studio electricians, set carpenters, sound designers, audio technicians,moving-light operators, riggers and special effects people in Manhattan, theBronx, Staten Island, Westchester and Rockland.

Local One members construct, install, maintain, and operate the lighting and sound equipment, the scenery and special effects which thrill and delight audiences attending Broadway shows; concerts at Radio City Music Hall, Madison Square Garden and Carnegie Hall; the magnificent, spectacular productions at The Metropolitan Opera and throughout Lincoln Center; and the many entertainment and news broadcasts from CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX and PBS.  Local One technicians work behind the scenes at numerous cable TV studios, major corporate industrials and special events. 








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