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Quotes Even if I am not close to certification I'm certainly closer and know what to study. Very helpful to me as a Technical Director. Quotes
Bon Davis
Technical Director - Plutopia Productions

Quotes This class was awesome and very informative. Richard is very knowledgeable. Quotes
Jonathan Cartier
recent seminar attendee

Quotes Lotta info in a short time - good thing! Probably couldn't have asked for a better instructor - seriously! Thank You. Quotes
seminar attendee

Quotes The course was very successful in presenting a wide range of information about a complicated subject. Richard did a great job in making it accessible and enjoyable! Quotes
Doug Vogel
Steamboat Springs 2010 attendeee

Quotes Great Course! I have seen where I need to improve my skills and knowledge. It has made me a better stagehand. Quotes
Joel Thoman
Toronto 2010 attendee

Quotes Information presented very clearly. Instructor very clear, polite, helpful. Put everyone at ease and took the mystery out of the subject. THANK YOU! Quotes
Chris Reynard
Toronto 2010 attendee

Quotes This course was all I expected and more. Quotes
Jonathan Schneider

Quotes I would recommend this course for beginning to professionals on the bus. Quotes
Kephen Hanks

Quotes Great job covering a vast amount of material. Very listenable, great energy, very sensitive to audience, great stories. Would recommend this to anyone who wants to work in lighting design, theatrical design industry. Quotes
Elizabeth Hagan
Owner, AIT Partners, PMP

Quotes Great presentation! I learned a lot of background info that I never knew before. For example I knew DMX and mic cables could not be used interchangeably but I didn't know why (capacitance). Quotes

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  • "This class was the best!"
    Sally Barry
    Executive Director
  • "Great class. I actually emptied a pen taking notes. I knew some of this stuff but this was a great overview of all that I knew and a wonderful introduction to what i didn't know..."
    Sean Russell
    2012 San Francisco Seminar Attendee
  • "This was awesome!"
    Dylan Novicky
    2012 San Francisco Seminar Attendee

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