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Quotes This training was very enlightening. Quotes

Quotes Great job! I can tell you are very passionate about what you are teaching. Thanks for the informative, fun sessions. Quotes

Quotes Thank you for taking the time and energy to share your passion. Quotes

Quotes Your presentation was excellent. I enjoyed that it was peppered with anecdotes, but consisted mainly of rich, thorough information. Quotes
Matt Marrocco
Illuminating Concepts

Quotes Great class! This class addressed issues we run into daily. I am more confident in my ability to work safely and direct others in their work. Quotes
Jason Gay

Quotes Very good information from math basics to practical application. Quotes
Ted Karl

Quotes I thoroughly enjoyed the class and gained knowledge that will keep my co-workers and myself safe. Quotes
Sean Paris

Quotes Great class! Quotes
James Castello

Quotes I felt the class was very, very well put together. I liked how we started at the very basic beginning with all the topics. It helped when moving forward to more tough items. Very good and informative class. Quotes
Orlando 2009 attendee
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  • "This class was the best!"
    Sally Barry
    Executive Director
  • "Great class. I actually emptied a pen taking notes. I knew some of this stuff but this was a great overview of all that I knew and a wonderful introduction to what i didn't know..."
    Sean Russell
    2012 San Francisco Seminar Attendee
  • "This was awesome!"
    Dylan Novicky
    2012 San Francisco Seminar Attendee

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