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Quotes Excellent!! Quotes
Brian Vollert
Key Rigging Grip - Eye Productions, Inc.

Quotes This class is a must for anyone in the entertainment industry. Very informative and a bit entertaining. I would highly recommend it! Quotes
Kalani Rodrigues
Owner, Hawaii Stage and Lighting, Inc.

Quotes This class is an amazing resource for anyone involved in the technical & logistical production of all types of events in our industry. My only criticism is that the instructor described himself as "not the smartest man in the room, but obviously the most handsome". It's as if he did not see that I was in the front row! Quotes
Andrew R. Bennett
2011 San Francisco Seminar attendee

Quotes A lot of information to absorb = 1 semester into 3 days. All GREAT info. I feel a lot more confident as an entertainment electrician in the field. I WILL attend next time! I will always need to learn more. Quotes
2011 Seminar attendee

Quotes This has been incredibly informative, Richard handled the large class size well. I may go for the certification after all .... Quotes
Will Brodhead
2011 San Francisco Seminar attendee

Quotes This course was awesome, it was extremely informative and I look forward to repeating it somewhere down the road. THANK YOU RICHARD! Quotes
John Lee
2011 Seminar attendee

Quotes This course covered many of the questions and concerns I had before attending. I look forward to attending any other classes taught by Richard Cadena. Quotes
Bradley Pope
2011 San Francisco Seminar attendee

Quotes Richard Cadena offers "Entertainment Electrician" courses several times a year. I took this course when it was offered in San Diego Ca, a couple of years ago. It was one of the best investments I've made. The class isn't cheap (I paid something like $450 for two of the three days I could attend, the fourth day covering DMX stuff that I wasn't interested in), but the information I gleaned help keep my stages to code since then and what I've learned has kept me out of a lot of trouble. I highly recommend this course to any sound engineer who finds themselves having to tap into power panels or having to deal with more than about 40-50 amps to do a show. Cheers, Randy Hyde Quotes
Randy Hyde
seminar attendee

Quotes This course filled in tremendous gaps in my knowledge for me as Richard is well-versed and knowledgeable of all subject matter he teaches. His passion allows him to go into detail and still keep it flowing and interesting. I have a better understanding of electricity and can now go on to do my shows and continue with training with better confidence. Well worth the time and money. Quotes
Jim Powers
NYC 2010 attendee

Quotes I had a wonderful time at your seminar. You covered a great spectrum of information in our industry. There was many things I didn't really have a full understanding of. You helped to clear up a significant amount of that information. Thank you for taking your time to teach safe and proper ways to deal with power in our industry. ........I look forward to the day that our industry demands a much more professional attitude towards safety and knowledge. I give you a full 2 thumbs up! Quotes
Clifford Sharpling
Big Red Productions (AKA Coolest Tech Ever!)
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