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Professional Development for Theatre
and Live Event Production Professionals.


1. What are the hours of the seminar? - Most seminars are from 9:00am to 5:00pm each day.

2. What do I need to bring to the seminar? - You should bring a pencil or pen with wich to take notes. You will be given a workbook to help you take notes (unless you opt for getting the class materials on a thumb drive, in which case you should bring your laptop). If you have a calculator, particularly one with trig functions, you should bring it.

3. Is this class for beginners or more advanced people? - Unless the title of the course specifically states whether it's designed for beginners, intermediate, or advanced students, the course is designed for people of all levels of skill and knowledge. We start with the very basics (it will be a review for some attendees) and work our way up to the more advanced material. You will be given everything you need in order to be successful in the class provided you are willing to follow along. The more advanced attendees will be challenged as much as the beginner.

4. How do I get the discount for IATSE/ESTA/USITT/CITT membership? - Please visit and choose the listing with the built-in discount. When you show up for the first day of class you will be asked to provide proof of membership to validate the discount.

5. Is there any certification conferred for taking this course? - No, you will not be certified simply by taking this course. But it does count towards recertification credits if you are already ETCP certified and the course is designed to be a preparation for taking the ETCP Entertainment Electrician Certification exam.

6. Can I pay by check instead of using PayPal or a credit card? - Yes. Just make out your check to Academy of Production Technology and mail it to:

Academy of Production Technology

10305 Salida Drive

Austin, TX 78749

7. Do I have to have a PayPal account to sign up for a class? - No, you can fax your credit card information (please do NOT email it because it's not secure) to us at 512.292.0163. Please include the class info (city and date of class), your contact information (phone number and email address), and credit card information (card number, expiration date, CID number, name as it appears on the card).

8. Can I talk to a live person about the classes? - Yes, you can call us at 512.280.0384. 

ETCP Renewal Q&A

For ETCP Certified Technicians:

Many of you have questions regarding ETCP Renewal credits.  Many of you are wondering what sort of courses you can take to satisfy the continuing education portion of your renewal. Here is some information:

Eligible Renewal Credits for Continuing Education

Continued training and professional development activities are essential in the changing entertainment technology environment. Therefore, to maintain the ETCP certification, a certified entertainment Technician must accumulate 40 renewal credits of continued training/professional development OR retake the certification examination and accumulate a minimum of 10 renewal credits of continued training/professional development over the 5 year period following the examination.

How many points are courses worth?

ETCP Recognized Training is available for renewal credits and any of these courses count as 1 point per hour of attendance.  If you take a course that is not ETCP Recognized, but is relevant to your certification, you will receive .5 points per hour (i.e., 20 hours of training equals 10 points).  You may mix Recognized credits with non-Recognized Credits.


Can’t I just retake the test instead of taking courses?

No.  The ETCP Council feels it is extremely important, since you are leaders in your field, that you receive continuing education.  This is a common practice in all fields where certification is found and leads to your growth as a professional. 


If you do not have enough work experience to satisfy the work portion of the requirement, you can re-take the test, but you still need to submit the 10 points of education credits.  If you choose this route, you must notify the Certification Manager (and submit the $250 recertification fee) that you want to re-take the test and the testing process must be complete (with a passing score) eight weeks prior to your recertification date.  If you cannot satisfy the education credits, your certification will lapse and you must start from the beginning by submitting a new application with the full fee and taking the test again. If you pass, you will be issued a new certification number with a new certification date.


What if I have more than one certification?

If you have a double rigging certification you may use the same credits towards two re-certifications (i.e, you do not have to get 80 points, you only need 40).  If your rigging certifications are a couple of years apart, we just save those credits for the next time, if you received your rigging certifications more than two years apart, you should contact the Certification Manager and work out a plan.  If you have an electrical certification and a rigging certification, you will need 40 points for each certification to maintain your certification in each area, as you must continue to perform work and receive training that is relevant to each certification.


Besides Recognized Courses, what other types of credits count?

You may take courses that specifically deal with rigging and electrical subjects even if they are not ETCP Recognized. These courses provide .5 points per hour of training.  In addition to these, you may take courses that deal with the following:  Fall protection, NFPA (courses that deal with the NEC), rigging performer flying training, IRATA certification and recertification, as well as hardware and software training such as Vectorworks /AutoCad training (in technical design), Phillips Vari*Lite warranty services or HippoSchool Workshops.  There are always great renewal credit opportunities at USITT and LDI, so you can look for those as well.


Where can I find these courses?

All of the Recognized Training is listed in the quarterly ETCP Certifiable News, but you may also find a list of Recognized Trainers on the website. Any course that is available to the public is listed on The ESTA Foundation website  The Recognized Programs are listed on the ETCP website and your opportunities for full renewal credits are provided by:  The Academy of Production Technology, BnW Rigging, CM-ET, J.R. Clancy, Daktronics, ETC, FTSI Automation, Gravitech Systems, Mountain Productions, NPS, PRG Institute, Stage Rigging, Tomcat USA and the USITT Electrical Workshop. 


What if I am a trainer, but am not Recognized?

As long as you are teaching courses that deal with rigging, electrical or automation, you may count one renewal credit per one hour of teaching.  The training must be in a formal setting and must be verifiable.  If you are a Recognized Trainer, you may count one-and-a-half credits per hour of training.


What if I teach in a university setting?

You may count your hours of teaching if the material is directly related to rigging, electrical or automation.   For instance, if you are teaching a Stagecraft course, you may only count the hours that deal with the subjects listed above, which will, most likely, not include the entirety of the course.  These hours would count one point per hour. 


If I am involved in standards writing, will this count?

Yes.  You will receive one renewal credit per hour of scheduled meeting time.  Your attendance must be verifiable by PLASA, ANSI, NFPA or other standards writing organization that pertains to your appropriate discipline. Should you serve as an ETCP Subject Matter Expert, this would also count one credit per hour of work.


When can I recertify?

Anytime you have obtained the necessary credits.  There is no penalty for recertifying early; once you recertify, your certification is valid for another five years from the date your certification was due to expire.  So, that means once you recertify, your certification is valid for a total of ten years.